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Mucho fun.

Okay, crisis averted concerning the elf.  Not necesarily overreacting, more pre-reacting.  I gotta remember to calm down and wait things out with her... Patience, young padawan. ;P

Just two months until I ditch my evening jorb and go full-time at my day job.  It'll be nice being done with work at a reasonable hour and having health insurance again.  Plus the money won't be all that bad, either.

Speaking of which, time to change jobs.  Someone prove they read this thing, will ya?

Oh, and if anyone has a better book for learning PHP & mySQL than the Dummies book and "Build Your own Database Driven Website...." by Kevin Yank, let me know.  (The Yank book is on order, and the Dummies book isn't too horribly bad.)
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