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Pteryx gets all the cool stuff online thrown her way.

pteryx always gets the insightful portions of the 'net thrown at her, while using computers just makes my brain numb anymore....

Name: Chad
Alias: Hiro Masaki
Years roleplaying: 7
Favourite three characters? Fineus, Rowin (Yeah, I cheaped on the name), Atlonim
Least favourite character? A Tremere whose name I currently forget
Male or female characters? Either, primarily Male
Oldest character? Astos in years since introduction, Atlonim in character's age
Newest character? No name for him yet, nor game to expose the world to him... er him to the world. ;P

Most popular character? Easily Timmy O'Leary
Character you've never played but would like to? My new one. I doubt he'll ever be allowed, though.

Which character of yours would be most likely to...
Jump off a bridge? My Wild West Stargazer. Not a happy camper at times.
Get drunk and pass out? Ditto. Only character that drank.
Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way? The Tremere. Rhub Goldberg magic was his thing.
Get married? Chad
Be far too hyper for their own good? Chad
Get lost and refuse to ask for directions? Fineus
Get lung cancer? Me. I can't find a non-smoking gaming group. ;P
Star in a horror movie? Parker. He basically was, anyway. WoD humans don't last long.
Star in a whore movie? Chad, but only with a certain other party member.
Star in a video game? Chad could if he wanted to. Does it count that I cameo'd Miles Prower?
Make the world a better place? Most all of them. Timmy O'Leary was probably the closest, though.
Have a torrid gay love affair? O.o o.O Tough call. Doubtful that any would.

Relate each word to a character of yours.
Love: Timmy. He loved Nature, and he loved those who did not hate indescrimanantly.
Hate: The Assamite. (Can you tell I have a problem remembering WoD character names?)
Money: Astos
Seduction: Timmy (Was seduced. Bad session.)
Lies: O.o Characters are allowed to lie?
Tragedy: Fineus - Parents killed minutes before he got home.
Manipulation: The Tremere - Set up spellcraft school to lure mages out of hiding.
Violence: Fineus - Torched local crime boss's house.
Politics: Timmy - Dragged the Gangrel out of the Cam during the schism.
Fire: Jessica (Yes, another game character I ripped off while out of ideas.)
Ice: Astos
Earth: Timmy
Water: Astos
Air: Hiro
Lightning: Chad and Fineus

Would you ever...
Play a prostitute? Possibly. Most likely not.
Play a musician? Have done so.
Play a pilot? Does it count that Chad drove his parent's van into another dimension?
Play a homosexual? Possibly. Presented with an interesting enough character idea.
Play a pedophile? No
Play a politician? Timmy was the worst kind of politician. One who didn't want to be.
Create a character for the sole purpose of smut? *blush*

Lastly, take each of your characters and assign a song to them:

Alright, I had these all written out long ago, and lost them in a friend's fit of paranoia. (He burned all the RP text files and wiped them off of his hard drive, and the burn was bad.)

Chad - "Far Above the Clouds", Mike Oldfield
Hiro - "Over the Mountain", Ozzy Osbourne
Jessica - Iwadare already did this for me. ;P
Astos -
Fineus -
Rowin -
Atlonim -
Timmy O'Leary - It was "Man in the Rain", Mike Oldfield, but now "My Immortal", Evanscensce

Bob Aquis - "You Better Run", Pink Floyd
The Tremere - "Mysterious Ways", U2
The Assamite - "Jumping the Shadows", Damnait Doyle
The Stargazer - "Dead or Alive", Bon Jovi

I'll fill in the rest as I remember it through editing.

Meanwhile, I've just been informed that the elf is possibly sick of "us" already. Fun. That'll sink in in a few days. I'll give her a while before I give up on the relationship. I won't, however, give up on her.
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