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Today was kinda blah.

Wake up on time!  :)

Can't feel my entire left arm from the elbow down.  Can't move it.  It's completely limp.  :(

Rubbing it for a while finally brought feeling and motion back to it, but it was enough to freak me out.

Did normal morning thing, "I don' wanna face the evil world"  *hides under pillow*

Woke back up at 10:00 exactly.  One hour late for work, and not even ready yet.

There was NOTHING to do at work, and thus I was bored.  I sat and fell asleep twice at my "desk".

Got a reply from the e-mail I sent the elf Saturday.  Very short and to the point.  I sent a joke about old e-mail addresses being in my address book, she sent back which were still active.  (Which is what I asked for, but no more.)

Got hassled at Ralph's for something I ragged on them about weeks ago.  I'm starting to almost feel guilty for ragging on them about it.  Almost.  (Hey, they started it all.)

Got to work tonight.  Was lethargic, had an argumentative customer, and just generally didn't want to be there.  Luckily, DaMo let me go early.  (Man, using pseudonyms for everyone is hard. ;P )

Got home, laid down for about 20 minutes while talking to x, and he talked me into having his mom take my blood pressure just in case.  (My idea, but I shrugged it off.)  Fun stuff.  I'm dead-on the high end of acceptable.  Better watch what I eat for a while and start back into DDR.  Last thing I need is health problems.

Meanwhile, still haven't heard one more thing from the elf.  I've heard from her a grand total of four times in the last week.  I'm getting worried.  If I could, I'd move out there.  I've got a job and payments and bills and such.  On the other hand, if I have to move out there to help her and save us, I will.

Well, I'm going to practice Bass, then try this new video game I found in the bargain section at the mall.  Darkened Skye.  Anyone have any knowledge of it?  It will honestly be my first PC RPG...  For $15, why not?
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