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Eight Random and not-so-random thoughts

A few things on my mind tonight.

1)  Damnit.  It shouldn't have come to this.  It didn't need to come to this.  *sigh*  Stupid humans.  I pray to the gods that as few lives are lost as possible, on either side.  I also pray that after this, the US gives up it's "World's Police" stance and we go back to being isolationist for a few decades.  We've pissed off enough people by putting our collective noses where it doesn't belong.  Let them cool off for a bit and us figure out our own problems.  (And maybe remember Teddy Roosevelt.  "Walk SOFTLY and CARRY a big stick."  Not "Wave your stick around like a fucking idiot and brag about how it's bigger than everyone else's."  I hate to say it, but when your stick is too big, the little ones end up in places you REALLY don't want them to be.)

2)  Hmm....  If I can convince CM and RF that asking SM back into the band is a VERY VERY good thing, my weekly gas expenditures will go down greatly, and SM may get some much needed relaxation during the week.  Plus it will add back in his unique influence to the band, and give me more ideas for bass lines.  I think that practice would have to be moved in order for that to work, though.  Mom & Dad's house?  RF can deal with my drumset, and it's not like my bass & amp won't fit in my car easily enough, ditto Chris.  And Dad already has mic's on order, and bro's 15-watt practice amp, plus Scott's keyboard amp.  Hmmm......  Maybe even get Dad to jam with us.  Muwahaha....  Must call Dad tomorrow.

3)  Seattle and Akron are too damn far apart.

4)  Insurance companies are stupid.

5)  Megadeth should cover Alice Cooper's entire catalouge.

6)  Quick thoughts are cool.  Especially if they fit two sentences or less.

7)  Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica traded bassists.  Good move.  Both bands needed fresh blood.  BADLY.

8)  My bass gathers far too much dust.  Time to correct that.
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