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dabadaba dee dee dee

Lovely fun, fun, fun.  I'm so busy I barely have time to think.  I'm worried about elf-chan.  And I have two people I'm supposed to meet tonight after work at the same time in two different locations.  There isn't enough of me to go around.  I'm stressed out, I'm tired, I oversleep all the time regardless of when I go to bed, and I'm just plain sick of it.  I want to go to work, come home, spend time with my beautiful elf-chan, and enjoy life.  Not work 60 hours a week and not have enough time to do laundry, since my roommates start laundry when I get home from work EVERY DAY.  Is that too much to ask?

Meanwhile, Friday I get to drive four hours (Two each way) to the state capital to transfer my old truck plates to my car.  It's an even trade for value vs. day's work, plus I get to go out driving all day.  The downside is that I was told I could do it at our local license bureau, and spent 30 minutes up there yesterday.  I could do it by mail, but I don't trust the USPS enough to send my title copy and registration by first-class mail.  They couldn't even get a Sega CD game from southern OH to my house that my roommate bought on eBay without destroying it.  And backing over it a few times.  And losing the manual.

Must get back to work....  Must...start...winamp...
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