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Got a new car!

Well, yesterday I went car shopping for the fourth time in the past two weeks. Got to Mad Max's old employer and one of his old co-workers showed me this beautiful 2002 Alero. We drove it around, he ran me by his bank so he could deposit his paycheck, and eventually, I drove it home. 4-door, Gold (it says Beige, but it's more of a golden light brown) and much more fuel-efficient than the truck.

It's odd. I get up this morning and the car turns over like a dream, warms up fairly quickly given the temperature outside of about 7 or so, and drive to drop off food at the food bank for Gramma R. An enjoyable ride, though a little odd to be driving a car. I found myself sitting on the seat wrong, too used to a wider bench-type seat, and reaching for where the old stereo controls should be.

Then I pull in at Grandpa's for breakfast... and see Genie sitting there. Cold. Snow covered. Jealous. I felt soo bad. I promised her I'd drive her until she was a fine rust sand in 10-gallon buckets. I don't know if your car has a soul, but Genie certainly does. And I abandoned her for a shiny new machine. On one hand, I have decent credit, a practically new car, and a warranty that I don't see expiring in the next few years. On the other, I could have completely refurbished Genie for the same price.
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