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...or at least that's all they seem to be good for. For the umpteenth time, it feels like I'm never going to get the hang of these stupid things. bass, snare, bass, snare, bassbasssnarebass, basssnare, repeat. That's all I want to do... not too hard... I've done it before, and I'm definitely not out of practice since that's all I do, but my right leg won't listen and my left arm won't stay in time.

I keep getting the urge to go out and get a woodblock, cowbell, splash cymbal, etc... but until I get what I've got figured out, what would the point be? Who knows... if I keep getting worse like this, I may even end up selling the set... but that would leave me where? I've noticed this disturbing trend of starting things as a prodigy, and quickly degrading backwards from there. Even my bread and butter of computer repair. Either they got a lot harder to fix from Windows 95 to today or I've even gone backwards there.

I'm going to go do something else I stink at and write to Wonderful. I figure a 50/50 shot that I'll either impress her and start down the road of another 'excuse' relationship, or shoo her away with poorly expressed feelings and opinions.
Tags: rock and roll creation, the prettier gender
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