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18 days...

...and counting until I get to see the elf again. It's hard to believe we haven't seen each other since July of '98... Almost five years. The role of her mate are rather large shoes to fill, and sometimes I feel like my feet are tiny. What's lucky is that is the only worry I have. That I'll be strong enough and caring enough to be what she needs.

On the other side of the coin, life is hectic. Credit card problems (not the "I can't pay them" type, the "They raise my interest rate at the drop of a hat" type), working two jobs to try and get a car so I can retire the Truck until I can fix it properly, and band practice.

They're going to shoot me tonight, because, once again, I didn't practice at all. I plan on practicing for an hour before leaving for practice today, though. Hopefully that will be enough to get me warmed up and ready. I'm starting to worry a bit, though. We're supposed to play out in March, but we have to call and confirm in order to get a date. It's now the 13th of January and the lead singer keeps saying that he'll call "when we're ready"... Why do I have a funny feeling that we won't end up playing out? Also, if anyone knows a good "rock" guitarist (Blues rock, classic rock, nu-metal, alternative) we'd like another. Chris can't play some of the riffs he'd like to while singing. (And our usual cover of TNT is right out.) With any luck his buddy will be there tonight to give me real pointers on what I can do to improve myself.

One hour until I leave work, and I should probably get some more work done, ne?
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