Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,


There are tons of things going on, but nothing that I really find to be all that interesting. School is going well, for having almost no time to do any studying or homework. (I still think rote/practice homework should be a net-positive effort, my grades would be much better, and I could prioritize what I do based on what I actually need practice on.)

Things at home are good; the cats are as cute as ever and drd2be is feeling much better. Going to start working on the geeky parts of preparing the house for sale as soon as I have time. (Ripping and boxing CDs, sorting books and paring down collections.) The decks are better, though not done yet. Still need to finalize the furniture to stage the house vs. what is being moved/stored early, too.

D&D on Sundays is a lot of fun, but I miss my Wednesday group. The setting and characters of the Wednesday group were very unique and the timing kept things really interesting. There's something oddly fun about seeing Carl Jung and Freud literally fight over which one is right while Dr. Worgen looks on and laughs.

Right now, outside of school and work, there's not time for much else.
Tags: adventures in edumacation, mortgaging souls, playing a different role, tagged and returned to the wild
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