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...and a bucketful of Grarf

No, things are not going poorly, I've just decided to make the above into an inside joke whether it wants to be or not. :)

The elf and I have talked a lot since Christmas, and it's slowly becoming more tangible for me, which is good. With any luck the early February trip that we're planning will go through without a hitch. Other than that, nothing else has really been planned or discussed. Just lots of talking and sharing of thoughts. Once she realizes that I'm not going to book on her in six months and leave her heartbroken, things will get better. In all honesty, I think she just needs a cosmic-sized hug. :D

Work is work. Late every morning from over-sleeping (No big deal at my current job, I just lose out on pay), and late home at night. As of Monday, band practice will be Monday-Friday every week until we play out. I'm working both jobs Tuesday - Thursday, and the second job on Saturday. Read: I have from 4:15 PM on Saturday until 9:00 AM on Monday to do with as I please. I hope I at least get my drums and such paid off before I burn out on working so much. And once burnout hits, I hope to spend an entire week recouperating in the company of the elf. At this point, though, it will be from lack of personal time, and not stress.

Civ the Board Game is pretty nifty. Must get PC game and practice for Saturday nights. Plus the Sunday D&D game is back up and running again. Yes, I use my time off to game. Got a problem with that? I also have a tiny room and have my laptop, my green tower, my Macintosh, and a Commodore 64 all set up. The word Geek describes me well.

I probably should not goof off too much at work, so this wraps this up for now.
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