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School Stuffs.

So as I'm entering my 9th semester back at Uni, I'm looking over what all I still have left to do. And it honestly scares me.

Everything up until now has been pretty basic and simple... Learn how to use while/for loops to sort an array, and map out simple graphics in a Java pane... Re-teach myself how to do simple integrals and derivatives, and learn how to apply those to multiple variables for things like TNB frames and Gradients...

But now? TPL, where I have to learn 4-5 new programming languages. Humanities I, which looks to cover everything that ever happened, one week per society/culture. And with essay writing, which I always want to go either 50 pages over and run out of time, or half as long as is requested.

And then, to take this stuff out into the real world? Where mistakes can be made? I'm afraid enough of making a mistake on something as simple as a SaMBa server for the house, I can't imagine trying to write some Biotech software for a hospital, or trajectory planning for a rocket/shuttle... And forget engineering a bridge or coaster, that could kill lots of people, not just a few. All if I missed something.

I'd say I need to get into Academia instead, but anymore I fear the High Schools (since they must be all horrible now... Metal detectors and cameras all over my old HS.) and I'd be in my 80's by the time I could get around to getting a PhD for teaching at the College level.
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