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Now I am quite happy... The elf is back in my life, though I must admit in somewhat of a confusing manner. What has been requested of me in the relationship is exactly what I wanted, but there is waiting before it begins anew. I have waited four years, and waiting a month or two longer is no problem, just mildly frustrating. Visits are in early planning stages, and hopefully I get along with her roommate well. Beyond that, it's still a little intangible. That will vanish once I see her again, or once she's ready to talk with me on a more regular basis. But she must sort out other things in her life first, and I'm happy that she is able to do such.

While I won't get into details, her letter to me was quite detailed with where she is right now in life. I plan, but have not yet been able to respond in kind. I hope that I will have the time tonight, but who is to say.

Meanwhile, swag list!

Spider-Man DVD from Mom
Slipper Socks from Gramma
CD-Binder from Sister
Two Towers video game from roommate / landlord (Combo Christmas and Housewarming)
Shirt and teddy bear from Elf! (And of course the teddy bear gets kissed goodnight in elf's stead. ;) )

Outgoing swag list!

Kingdom Hearts and Memory Cards for Sisters
4-Track Mixer / Recorder for Dad
2' Wreath to Match Great Room for Mom
Signed copy of Rayearth for Saturn for roommate. (Vic rocks that way.)

I'm also going to give the 19" TV to my brother that was originally my parents'... He's the second hardest to shop for behind all my Grandparents in a 1st place tie.
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