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drd2be has had a migraine since Sunday afternoon.

I take the morning off of work to take her to the doctor. She still has a migraine at noon so I login to the webmail at work and shoot off an e-mail to our HR and our CEO letting them know that I'm going to stay at home in case she needs taken to the ER and will telecommute for the remainder of my shift.

THREE HOURS LATER, HR informs me that I will not be paid for my efforts, as I was not given permission in advance to telecommute. At this point, were I to go to work, I would be able to work for 1 hour.

During the three hours:

  • Cleaned up and revised our nightly cleanup script to clean temp files out of roaming profiles and changed it from a cron job to a crontab job that runs after each shift.

  • Modified Apt Sources list on main server to draw from Debian 4.0 so we are not forced to upgrade to Debian 5

  • Ran an Apt upgrade on the main server to bring various libraries up to current and apply security patches.

  • Processed all of my e-mail as it came in, including sending several things that needed to be available as hardcopy to my printer at work.

  • Monitored the trouble ticket software throughout the duration.

  • Walked my assistant through an RMA of a premise wiring box that needed exchanged.

Not a TON of work, but given that I had to set up the remote printer and some other things to be able to work from home in the first place, not horrible either. But I did all of it and unless the CEO overrides HR (which I am 90% sure he will), then I did all of it for free.

Keep in mind, our CEO, Operations Manager, 3/4 of Sales, and our HR/QA Manager's assistant all telecommute. I'm the one who is responsible for the VPN, setting up the laptops appropriately, etc.

EDIT: Okay, after meeting with the CEO, I am going to get paid. I am not allowed to telecommute in the future, however. He doesn't think I can fix anything from remote, for some reason.
Tags: bits 'n bytes, eileen dolittle, tagged and returned to the wild
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