Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

Posting the post-pop poster child.

So winter break is over and I am back in class... Both classes were taken because of theoretical ease (Intro to Logic should be simple after Discrete Math, which is just Intro to Logic and basic Set Theory crammed into one, and last time Software Engineering was taught, the entire grade was one book report.) but both classes are looking to be a bit more difficult. (80 pages to read by tomorrow and I read about 40 pages/hour, less if it's really dry like my Software Eng. book is supposed to be.) However, my Logic prof gets bonus points:

"I'm on loan from YSU, so I don't have an office. Therefore, here is my home number. If you get my daughter or my wife, do not hang up. If you call on Tuesday between 8 and 9, hang up or lose 10 points off your grade. Can anyone tell me why?"

(Squeaky, quiet voice from the front row) "House?"

"That's right. House is the only time during the week where I have an hour of zero distractions. Spoil my Hugh Laurie time, and you spoil your own grade."

Other than that, things are just dry and boring all around... Not much done around the house, nothing done on personal projects, though the new web/email server for the band should be up soon.
Tags: 2+2=5, bits 'n bytes, playing pretend for fun and profit, tagged and returned to the wild
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