Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

In Minnesota for the week helping out a friend of drd2be cope with losing her spouse last week. The fun of a group of people sitting around sorting through bills to put together a list of what gets paid when... I feel rather useless in this, but that's because everything that I could do has already been done or is being done by closer friends.

At least there is some good news... the movie I was in way, way, way long time ago is finally out... It's on pay-per-view on Dish Network, Massillon Cable, Charter, RCN, Verizon, Cincinnati Bell, and a few others. Problem is, my Google-fu is weak... I can't seem to find any confirmation on Dish's website as to the channel, can get no confirmation at all as to whether or not Comcast has it, and once I get back to Ohio, I no longer have access to anything but Time Warner, who definitely does NOT carry the movie.

So, my mission to the few people that I have read my blog regularly:

Find the movie.
Rent the movie.
Watch the movie if you want.
Let me know what network you found it on, and what channel it's located on.
If you have the ability to record the movie and get it to me, that may be requested if I cannot get ahold of a way to watch it directly. (The cast DVDs have been delayed, no premiere occured, etc. I've not seen the movie at all.)
Tags: playing pretend for fun and profit, tagged and returned to the wild
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