Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

Free Tech Support!

Office 2007 has issues opening documents via double-click (from explorer, e-mail attachments, etc.)
Office 2007 was installed on either a clean XP or on XP where Office 2k has been removed.
Upon opening a document, Word/Excel will open, but not process the document.
Minimizing the window causes an immediate bounce-back and the document opens.

Cause is install order of:
Office 2007 > Sun ODF Converter 1.0 > Office 2007 SP1

Correct install order:
Office 2007 > Office 2007 SP1 > Sun ODF Converter 1.2(or higher)

To correct, uninstall ODF Converter, then remove from Plug-Ins list in Excel (carries to Word)
Re-install newer version of ODF Converter.
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