Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

42 time again

Things have been abnormally hectic this semester.

Assembly (programming) and Intro to Psych have been kicking my ass rather handily. Luckily, I've blown away the averages on tests and gotten good grades on my projects in Assembly (which curves), and currently have something above a 90% in Psych (which does not curve). With any luck I'll have no problems on these last three tests (2 in Psych, and they drop the lowest overall) and finish out the semester on a high note.

However, I've been exhausted from everything going on... Being Prez of the ACM chapter is more work than I anticipated, and that's with an apathetic chapter that doesn't really want to do anything. I'm missing work from being exhausted, and having to leave early to take care of things on campus. This week represented my first bit of overtime all semester.

The overtime means that I just could finally afford to send out $1600 in bills that were coming due very quickly. While only $1100 of that was mine (hooray splitting mortgage), it still hurts. A lot. I have 0 cash for this week, but I paid off almost all my recent debt on our shared card, which helps. It means that I've got a little room free on my card to put gas in the car, too. (Hooray $1.799!)

But I am getting to play a bit of Starcraft here and there, and on Friday the ACM is getting together and playing SC and Unreal for a while. Hopefully relaxing and not stressful. But we'll see for sure then, won't we?
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