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Well, the two of the three coasters that I most associate with Geauga Lake sold (along with one I'm not familiar with... Yes, _the_coyote_, the Villain) to a coaster moving firm who are dismantling them and storing them until they can find new homes.

The Space Needle observation tower? $12k worth of scrap, apparently. And there's no news on the Double Loop or whatever's left of the Monorail...

EDIT: Apparently the sale of the Dipper is pending until 5PM today, and is a "ghost bid" for a local person... AND it's official that ACE is one of the four bidders on the park land... If they got the lion's share of the parcel.... *crosses fingers*

EDIT2: Big Dipper and Raging Wolf Bobs have been purchased (BD still pending) by an Akron company with the intent to keep both coasters standing and operational within Northeast Ohio.

EDIT3: No word on Villain yet (Apparently MVR was trying to sell them before auction), Skycoaster sold for a ridiculous amount, and the company buying BD and RWB is staying quiet, probably until the new landowners are announced.

EDIT4: Villain, Double Loop, and Matterhorn all three sold to a gentleman wearing a shirt that said "Cleveland Scrap". Coyote, I have bail money.
Tags: mistake by the geauga lake, tagged and returned to the wild
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