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The result of 5 minutes of goofing around with Google Docs.


Not that the character of Bob is all that important, I've just always wanted to start a story off with a single word, and Bob seemed appropriate. However, our protagonist in this story is actually named Roger. Nobody called him Bob, not even kids at school, but that is beside the point and far off-track, as I have now become.

To tell the story appropriately, we must go back several years to the day that Roger first did not meet Bob. As Bob is completely unimportant to this story, that seems as good a place to begin as any. Roger was working downtown in a tiny factory that made bobblehead dolls of various personalities, as well as vats used for bobbing for apples. He was always puzzled about such a combination, never quite understanding why the owners would spend money on making two such diametrically complimentary products, what with the machining being different and all. There he worked anyway, spending day after day testing and tweaking springs for the bobbleheads so as to make sure they balanced at a reasonable angle, and checking the occasional bobbing vat for leaks. After a satisfying lunch at Bob's Big Boy, he made his way up the crowded streets back to work and to his bobbing bobbleheads.

Okay, so it's mere rambling, and I wouldn't know where to go from there anyway, but it has a few cute turns of phrase I liked.
Tags: bob, compositional fragments, eileen dolittle, tagged and returned to the wild
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