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What the smegging hell is wrong today?

I get to work, get chewed out for not setting the brush on the vacuum low enough for the throw rugs (I had it set appropriately, the boss thinks the brush is a scrubber instead of a beater...) and was told that I obviously never clean, since I missed the trash in the conference room.

I admit to doing a quick, lazy job on the cleaning because I wanted to get started working on his laptop. His laptop that he insists on powering down whenever it hangs for more than 20 seconds, including during login / logout... So I power it on, configure the new backup software, get ready to install Works (why he insists on having it....) and he asks me to open his Outlook. And.... corrupt .pst. And it was corrupt before he logged out yesterday, so the corrupt copy is on the server... and in the backup...

Please note that we haven't had alternating backups in over a year because of a hardware failure, so last night's backup is as far back as it goes.

So I ask him what the issues he was having exactly was, and it turns out his Outlook was not acting properly for almost 3 days, but he left it open and running because he had half-written drafts and attachments open. He had not synced neither his files nor his profile to the server in a week because he was "too busy".

So I open up ScanPST to fix the smegging file, and it dumps everything but 120 contacts. Repeating reminders he's had on the calendar for years and years, contacts numbering in the thousands, and 6 months worth of e-mail, all gone...

Oh, and did I mention that I have a Compilers midterm at 5 tonight?
Tags: bits 'n bytes, eileen dolittle, tagged and returned to the wild
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