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The First Church of Eris' 42 Towel-wrapped Apples

So, I found out during registration for Origins yesterday that our (sgtrocknroll and I) event information (The Gaming Wedding Chapel, for those not keeping score) is due in by the end of this month if we want any special billing in the program guide. Had I known that it was this early, we would have started contacting the dice and collectables companies about a freebie last month! Instead, we're rushing through the event Excel sheet later today and trying to not include any information that would need to be changed later... (Smithketeers, this is where we could use your help! Help!)

First off, we're considering a Friday at 4 PM start time, and run for 2:45... Hoping that, under ideal conditions, we can get a wedding setup, performed, and cleared in 20 minutes, we can get 9 happy couples through this year. If we actually get 9 couples, then next year we'll see about expanding our hours or having a second session. (Personally, I'd like to run for a bit on Thursday too, to work the kinks out, but sgtrocknroll isn't too keen on that idea. Perhaps run it for a bit by myself?

Anyway, on to the important stuff. We're going to be writing a few different ceremonies later this month, and I was hoping to fish for some ideas for "theme" (D&D/general fantasy, Vampire, etc.) and also for wedding marches. (Do we put a sign on the door that says "Paravonian says NO to Canon in D!"?) I'm going to try and borrow a boom mic and use my camcorder to film the weddings, and send a video to the happy couple after Origins is over.
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