Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

Yearly Schwag List

On the First day of Christmas, The Order gave to me:
A losing lotto ticket
Autographed photo of Diffuser
Nintendo Bowling Shirt
and IOU's from three of the guys.

On the Second day of Christmas, Dad's family gave to me:
(But I got them Nothing too, but we had a wonderful dinner all together and great conversation, and we're really all okay with that.)

On the Third day of Christmas, drd2be's family gave to me:
One Talking Optimus
Black Mages II
Three useful books (A Stats textbook, a Networking textbook, and Douglas Adams' second Liff dictionary)
Wireless Mac Mouse
Two Sweaters
Chuck Norris T-Shirt
A not so useful book (Book about Douglas Adams by Neil Gaiman, so it's at least fun.)
And Spongebob Boxers from my Nephew.

On the Fourth day of Christmas, my family gave to me:
Box of Cordial Cherries
Spider-Man 3
Shiatsu Chair Massager
And a drawing of Dr. I done by a Marvel Employee. :D
EDIT: And not getting my arse handed to me by DrD for buying her a present when we said we weren't going to trade presents this year. (As she so kindly points out below.)

While the 12" Optimus, Mouse, Chuck Norris T-Shirt, Bowling Shirt, and books were all awesome gifts (not saying the rest weren't, just that those stuck out the most), I think the one that wins "Present of the Millenia" is the drawing from my sister. The inked, e-mailed, and printed proof is awesome, and I can't wait to see the original (held up to avoid holiday mail) or the colored finished product (which my sister is still working on, as she's doing the color.)...
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