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The Gnome has had enough!

I just spent 4 1/2 hours at work, finishing the upgrade of a RAID array.

The reason we needed more drive space in this particular array? We were down to 6 GB left on a 140GB partition. Upgrade 160GB drives to 500GB drives, re-build array, repartition, format, reboot, etc. Three sessions of going in on a weekend (since this is our primary server) to get it put together properly. (The second was making up for the fact that after the first trip where I mis-judged the amount of time this would take, I had to re-rebuild the array. If you don't know what that means, it means I had to re-do the long, boring part of what I did the first night because I rushed it.)

And I found out something rather interesting tonight, too. All that drive space? Large quantities of .MP3's, .OGG's, .M4A's and M4V's..... (While everyone knows MP3, OGG is another audio format that, in the office, only I use. Apparently people have been leeching off of my collection not by playing them from the Music file, but by making copies of them over and over and over again into their own My Documents. M4A/M4V's are iTunes downloads.) What has me really torn up are the M4V's... Three complete TV series downloads, five movies, and a good number of music videos.

Note, of course, that in the process of doing this upgrade, I have been told that no longer am I allowed to go in after hours to finish a job that can't be done during the day. I have to pre-approve any and all hours that fall outside of my normal schedule.

But, on the bright side, there is an e-mail about to be written to my direct boss and the CEO explaining the lack of drive space in the server. Funny thing is, the M4V's all belong to my direct boss and one of his underlings. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.
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