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Was just asked to warranty (multiple) unbroken chairmats so as to have extras on hands "for when these break", despite:

A) Chairmats all have lifetime warranty.
B) Turnaround time for warranty is 1-3 weeks. (Darn speedy for office supplies)
C) Have 1 legitimate chairmat in-stock, and while I forgot about it, the person whose office it came from is the person who (supposedly) gave said order via 3rd Party.

When I told said 3rd Party that I would not do it, and that I was offended that he would even ask me to defraud a fellow manufacturer, I was told "Don't speak to me like that."

Uhm, excuse me? Even if he was the messenger, he's got some shitty ethics to even be willing to pass on said request, and on top of which we're even on the totem pole. The only thing he has above me is that he's old buddies with my boss. Which unfortunately, may just be enough to get me in some hot water. We'll see tomorrow.
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