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Letter I'm sending to Origins/GAMA

To whom it may concern:

A friend of mine and I have been attending Origins for the past few years (three myself, nearly 15 for my friend) and we are both newly ordained Ministers.

After an incident at this year's Smithee's (Where an attendee lost a wedding gift from his wife, a custom engraved D20), we thought that what better way for a pair of gamers to declare their undying love, than to get married in a gamer-themed wedding at Origins?

We have not yet written the ceremony, nor have we contacted the probate court in Columbus to find out about marriage licenses, but I wanted to first contact the GAMA organization to see if this is something that you would be interested in.

We were also considering contacting Chessex, Crystal Caste, or one of the other vendors for a suitable commemorative token of the event. And, presuming the law in Ohio does not prevent us from performing said, we would also consider doing non-binding (either for people who want the ceremony only, handfasting, or for same-sex couples.) ceremonies as well.

I am greatly interested in hearing from the GAMA community on this idea, as well as any suggestions or comments.

Thank you for your time,

Akron, OH
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