Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

Do be Do be Doo?

So here I am, at work again, and not really sure what it is I'm doing.

But such is life, ne?

drd2be called me up earlier with some AWESOME news. And then texted me later with bummer news. All this on top of her sinus infection, I just wish we could trade places for a bit.

Also, I seem to keep double-booking dates... On the 4th I am supposed to be both in Uniontown, OH, and Mohican State Park. On the 11th, I'm supposed to both be at a birthday party for monkeyboy8867 and a friend's house in Novelty, OH to help with some ridding up of stuffs. For the former, I'm going to go to Mohican as a day-trip instead of the previously planned overnight, so that I can make it back to Uniontown before it gets too late. On the latter, I'm going to have to re-schedule the Novelty trip.

And in all of this, I never get to see the lovely drd2be, as she is either sick or studying... If she's not careful about the latter, I may start having to call her Miss Granger.
Tags: bound and printed, eileen dolittle, tagged and returned to the wild, the prettier gender
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