Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

Harry mahPotter

Well, after years of people asking why I hadn't been reading the books, and multiple people stopping just short of physically assaulting me with the hardcovers, I spent the entirety of this last weekend (that I wasn't called into work) trying desperately to catch up on Harry Potter.

Initially, since reading tends to hurt my head / back / neck, I figured that I would just wait for the movies to come out, and eventually I'd get caught up with everyone else. But Saturday and Sunday evenings I managed to thoroughly piss off drd2be with my nervous habits I have while reading, and get from being 100-ish pages into book 2 up to being 330 pages into book 3. I brought it with me to read at lunch at work today, and will continue to spend my spare time getting to drd2be and I's copy of Deathly Hallows. (Which she finished on Friday afternoon.)

Once I'm done with that, I hope to have enough time left before school starts to read all the Spider-Man comics that have been piling up.... I still don't know what happens during Civil War.
Tags: bound and printed, eileen dolittle, funny books, tagged and returned to the wild
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