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Dreaming the FFXI Dream???

This is the last time I watch a View Askew movie and then go immediately to bed.

So this morning I dream that I'm on FFXI and they just patched the Gardening system. Now, if you leave your plants unattended for too long, there's the possibility of weeds taking over, however if they do (so you don't end up with nothing) you get a "Bag of Dried Weeds" that is a Goblin tradable item to get Bounty Hunters to leave you alone while fishing.

The problem is... there was a typo in the patch, and instead it is a "Bag of Dried Weed"... So I come out of the MH, and standing right by the entrance is a Galka and a Male Elvaan, both with full Bazaars of nothing but bags of "Dried Weed"....

I'll leave it up to the reader to guess what names were floating in the ether above their heads... :P
Tags: bits 'n bytes, playing a different role, tagged and returned to the wild
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