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My day...

So The Boss(tm) walks in this morning and goes, "So Hiro is the only one here this morning?"  JG opens his door, and The Boss(tm)'s response is "Oh, Hiro and JG.  The A-Team"

So I immediately get the theme from "The A-Team" stuck in my head.  "So, Boss, does this mean that JG and I get our own cool theme song?" "You can have whatever theme song you want."

Nearly two hours later I get sick enough of the song from "The A-Team" running through my head, so I try concentrating on "My Bologna" for a while.  (It's catchy, My Sharona was on Simpsons on Sunday, it seemed like a good idea...)

So did I get "My Bologna" stuck in my head instead?  You betcha.  Along with "The Ballad of Gilligan's Island"...  In a Round.

There are days I wish my mind worked more normally....
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