Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

Wii Play

Two nights ago, drd2be and I purchased Wii Play.  For a $10 game ($50 less cost of included Wiimote) it's absolutely wonderful.  The pool, while easy (they show the path the Cue would take if it was hit on-center) and simplistic (it only has a variation on 9-ball that you can play) it is a great time-waster.

The Cow Race is great fun, even if a certain someone was getting frustrated with it, and whoever thought of knocking over scarecrows while riding rampaging cows deserves a bonus of some sort.  Maybe a free cow.

The only part that really worries me is that after paying full price, we got stiffed on the manual and disc sleeve through GameStop...  And if we had purchased the game used, it would've cost $60 instead of the $50 it costs new.
  Lovely, ne?  One of the reasons I don't shop at GameStop very often.
Tags: bits 'n bytes, tagged and returned to the wild
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