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Make with the Blogging, already!

I noticed something interesting earlier today...  Only an 80's band could make 'enemies' rhyme with 'eyes' and not sound like morons in the process.  (Of course, given my predilection for 80's rock and metal, this may very well be prejudice speaking...)  But it brings up an interesting point, for which I want to take up a moment of your time...

...Okay, now that I have taken up completely useless time and brain cycles of my various friends pondering 80's lyrical tricks, on to something more important...  Like ME!

...And yet again, I lied, merely to hold your attention just a bit longer.  Of course, most of you would have taken the words "Important" and the implied "hiromasaki", and started laughing on the floor hysterically.  And that's fine, because at least then I'm being entertaining.

One of these days I'm actually going to write an interesting post, or recap something fun that happened...  But realistically, I just keep going in the same circles mentally, and probably will never think that anything I do is of much interest to anyone else.  I mean, I have typed all this and still not bragged at my 4.0 average this semester (despite not doing any work the last two weeks of class.)  I just view all aspects of my life, no matter how exciting to me, as mundane to those around me.

Makes me wonder why I got a blog in the first place.
Tags: 2+2=5, bits 'n bytes, soapboxing for fun and profit, tagged and returned to the wild
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