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Keyboard Drum Set!

I am SOO tired right now, but it serves me right for staying up until 1 in the morning on a work/school night to go play pool.  (Actually, by the time I made it home, checked my e-mail and got in bed it was quite nearly 2 A.M.)  Luckily most of what I needed to do today was monitor automatics and wait for them to need an input.

So there are three major things which need my attention over the coming weeks:

1) Assemble Dr. Inertia costume (Which Dr.D has found a treasure trove of objects for...) and get audition tape ready for Stan "The Man" Lee.

2) Either fix / send in for repair my Neuros MP3 Player, get a cheap 4th Gen iPod and put Rockbox on it for Vorbis (or maybe FLAC?) or find a different model of player that does what I need it to.  The two major problems with an iPod is that I have to use Rockbox to get Vorbis support and that I either have to spend $50 on a RoadTrip or $150 on a new stereo for Larry the Alero.  And of course, the WonderBrick decides to die AFTER drd2be lists her old iPod on eBay.

3) Fix Tamaran.  This overheating problem is really starting to aggravate me, especially since Tamaran hasn't even been up and running for nearly two months.  I don't use it as often now that I have the MacBook, but I would use it more often if it was actually running.  (Plus all my music is stored on there.)  At this point I'm not sure if repair is possible, or if I'm looking at a new CPU...  There's talk like I may be able to get a "loaner" CPU to test everything else out with, though...

Besides these things are more calm things, such as school, band practice, recording the new album, and generally staying out of drd2be 's way while she starts studying for Comps.
Tags: bits 'n bytes, funny books, playing pretend for fun and profit, rock and roll creation, tagged and returned to the wild, the prettier gender
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