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Well, after talking about it for nearly three weeks, I finally went to see  if they were, in fact, doing a "Who Wants to be a Superhero 2".  And they are.  It even has the "2" at the end of it.  You can either show up for a live audition at a WWE event (nowhere near Ohio) or wait for them to get the mail-in forms available on the website.

So the question follows, where do I get the stuff to make a Dr. Inertia costume I can be proud of?  I'm hoping that between myself, drd2be, sgtrocknroll , darquelady4 , and AW that we can get something put together that's respectable.  Between Hero Creator and City of Heroes, I've got a few concept sketches.  Who knows, maybe my sister might be able to help with some designs, too.

Then there's the audition video.  I'm debating asking the producers from June 9 to help with the Audition tape, but I don't want to ask too much of them.  I am going to go get a copy of Final Cut before class on Tuesday, though.  (Which I wanted anyway...)

So... Here's to lofty plans and goals once again....  Now if only I could borrow some of drd2be 's Legendary MotivationTM, then I am a shoo in.
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