Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

Spring Schedule

I finally got off my duff and scheduled for Spring.  Unfortunately, the History of Math class I wanted to take is a 400-level class with 300-level pre-requisites.  So I'm out of luck on that one....

But in the meantime:

Monday         6:05PM - 7:45PM - Calculus III
Tuesday        5:10PM - 7:30PM - Data Structures & Algorithms I w/ Lab
Wednesday   6:05PM - 7:45PM - Calculus III
Thursday       5:10PM - 6:30PM - Data Structures & Algorithms I

I had this same schedule last spring, and was less stressed out than I am with the 6:05 - 9:30 Tu/Th schedule I had this fall and last fall.  (Although last spring was Calculus II and Intro to Comp Sci...)

On a related note, I Ace'd my English Comp II class, and with it, Comp I, and Public Speaking down, I think I'm done with the English department for a while...  Now as long as I can get a 75% on my Discrete Math final tonight, I'll have my first 4.0 semester since I've been back at school, and my third Deans' List.
Tags: 2+2=5, tagged and returned to the wild
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