Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

I need to update this thing more often...

Where to start....

Well, I'm making this post on the edge of just falling asleep where I sit. Not the best mental condition for tact, but good for honesty. The brain can't handle lying well while on sleep dep.

Elf has been... interesting... to talk to lately. It would be nice if I could nudge her along the path she's eying, but ultimately that's her choice. I've already decided to head down that path if I pass it again.

M was a little... off... tonight when we talked on the phone. I was distracted when she called... But spending time watching a movie with my sister was slightly more important. I need to sit down and phone her and talk for a while next time I get a chance.

Meanwhile, I'm working lots, and so busy I can't figure out if I'm coming or going... I can't wait to head to Sugoi at the end of the month. It will help lots. Away from problems and everything. I'm debating leaving the cell phone off during the weekend, and putting it in the vehicle for emergencies only. Not that it actually rings half the time anymore anyways.

Have a new roommate, kinda. Also moving out earlier than expected. I love it when a plan completely falls apart. *chomps on cigar* ...or not.

At this point rejection has become commonplace enough I'm not even feeling it for more than 10 minutes anymore. Not a good thing, but safe. I've decided that for a little bit, curling up inside might not be such a bad thing. It might save me some problems. It might also make me lose out on something good... I just hope if something good comes along she decides I'm worth fishing out. It just... would be nice if there was someone who whose arms are comforting in an of themselves who could hold me for a while... Yeah, not a very "guy" thing to say, but hell, it's the truth.
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