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The LiveJournal of Emptiness

Lately I've been kinda bummed at the lack of updates on my LiveJournal's friends list.  I'll be sitting at work, or at home, and check it.  Yet no one has shown up to entertain me further.

While I don't have a huge number of friends (I don't intend to fill the list up with just whomever for the sake of having friends,) I still have lots of people who just don't update.

And then I realized that I'm pretty lazy myself.

So I need to come up with some form of rant topic generator, or game or gimmick or something to fill the spaces inbetween the posts that have meat to them.

Like today.  I'm not going to re-try the "6 Degrees of SpiderMan", since that went south on me last time.  (Turner D. Century?  I mean, REALLY.)  But I want something that flexes either my Video Game or Comic muscle...

So what we ARE going to play is "Make hiromasaki Cast that Role".

Now, I know what you're thinking here.  You're thinking, "Bruce Campbell, Val Kilmer, or Robin Williams is going to flood this list."  But I beg to differ.  Keanu Reeves is a drastically more versatile actor than any of them that it will surprise me if he doesn't fill every role (even the female roles.)

So, name a comic or video game character, and I'll try to come up with the appropriate actor for the role.  Or I might just respond with "Keanu Reeves".  One of the two.
Tags: funny books, playing pretend for fun and profit, tagged and returned to the wild
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