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Class, Lack Thereof, and Partying

Today is yet again, for the third time for the second time, the first class of the semester. Today I have Discrete Math and English Composition II. Discrete Math is with a teacher I've never heard of, and English Comp doesn't have a teacher yet.

I'm sitting in my Discrete classroom, 30 minutes early, completely unhungry, and I couldn't bring myself to force down an early dinner. $10 says I'll be absolutely starving by 6:30.

I really have been wanting to post something with some content, but I'm really out of things right now. Eventually I need to post a review of Boston Legal - Season 1, but I'm really not feeling it right now. This fact alone bodes poorly for English Comp, though.

My English Comp class is specifically Computer-based, so I'm going to shut down the laptop now to conserve battery. Of course, I will eventually have to start playing Starcraft before class. :P
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