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Moving Report, or How I Bought a Home, and What I Did to It when I Moved In. (tm)

Well, I have a new address.  And in 30 years, gods willing, it'll be ours.  (Or we will have traded-up...)  Granted, I'll be nearly 60 by then, but we'll see what happens.

We moved in on Saturday, and thanks to the tons of friends who showed up, we got all of drd2be 's stuff into the house, and quite nearly all of mine.
  By the end of the day on Sunday, drd2be 's items were nearly all unpacked, and mine are almost all still in boxes today.  We also have yet to cook dinner at home, and that looks not too likely for tonight either.

The house is merely 2 doors down from sgtrocknroll , which makes for short commutes, and hopefully will supply us with easy entertainment.  The commute to work clocked in at 12 minutes this morning, a mere 4 minutes longer than from Grampa's.

On that front, Grampa seems to be doing rather well, having already cleaned up the basement before I could get to it, then came over and weeded our flower beds for us.  He's inviting my brother and his fiancee to stay there for a while.  What my brother doesn't know is that it's a thinly veiled scheme to get money to pay off his back bills that keep showing up at Mom & Dad's, but at least he'll be much to the better at the end of each month he's there.

This is about all my brain can process right now.  Unpacking and settling.

Oh, and if anyone knows where one can get a copy of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 for PS2 on the dirt-cheap, let me know.  A recent round in another EA racing game with GN left me with the realization that I'm sorely out of practice.  (I was only able to rack up 20 wrecked racers before my time ran out.)
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