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Hiro's Own SuperGroup

Given that VH1 beat me to the punch and actually has the clout to put such a band together, this really means nothing in the grand scheme of things.  But I do tend to let my mind wander, so I put together a list of who my "SuperGroup" would contain.


What would a band be without Dr. Joe Walsh on Rhythm Guitar?  Add in Nancy Wilson from Heart on accoustic, and you have what could prove to be the greatest rhythm guitar section ever.

But what's rhythm without a lead?  If it weren't for language concerns, Matsumoto Tak would be a shoo-in.  But since I'm not sure how good his English is,  I'll have to go with John Petrucci.  He's proven his ability to tone down on the "proggy metal" when he wants to, and I'd like to see him in more of a classic-rock vein for a bit.  If Mr. Petrucci is not available, 3rd string would be Brian May.


The bass is a no-brainer.  Murray Foster from Moxy Fruvous has become one of my favorite bassists, and he can sing bass while playing one.  Not my own ideal for playing bass, but definitely someone I would be proud to be classed with.


Drums are tough.  Drums are really tough.  I'm going to leave the slot open for now.


On organ I'm going to draft from left field again and pick Nobuo Uematsu.  His english is passable, and he definitely has the chops for it.  It would offer an almost orchestral quality to the arrangement, too.


Most of my friends know I have a serious weakness for female vocalists.  That's why the next bit will probably be a shock.  Roger Waters and Shirley Manson get co-nods for the vocal position.  Some songs just need a male vocal, or duet, as appropriate.  Plus bouncing Shirley's growl off of Water's almost too-smooth vocals is a good contrast from "the usual."

Obviously I'm going to have to pay closer attention to drums in the future.  I know there's a few people that have caught my attention drums-wise, but with my memory it's sometimes hard to remember.  There were also a lot of good performers who didn't make the cut either due to A) limited band space, or B) I forgot, but them's the breaks.
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