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Work is for the Working

So, by that logic, Life is for the Living and Rice is for the Rising.

Or something.

Meanwhile, I had a rather productive morning today.  I got the problem with the boss' fingerprint scanner fixed (ish), sent an e-mail to Symantec on a support issue, and got a few other things taken care of around the office.  I still need to get some EPA stuff done that's due next week, as well as get with our new Purchasing Manager on some safety videos.

I still have a list of things that is almost off the chart (move DHCP from the router to the server, set up the mail server, build a webserver, overhaul the backup server with a SATA motherboard, etc.)  but things aren't too bad.

Oh, and I get overtime tomorrow.  HOORAY!
Tags: bits 'n bytes, eileen dolittle, tagged and returned to the wild
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