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The Dept. of Fleeting Thoughts

I opened this window up to write at ten o'clock this morning.  Since then I have made several batches of product tags, setup Anti-Virus scanning on our soon-to-be email server, and had lunch with drd2be .

In living land, DrD and I put an offer on a house.  (Last monday?  Two weeks ago?  Things go too fast...)  Unfortunately, we're having some mortgage problems.  With any luck those should be resolved shortly, but I dread making the call to the current owner and letting her know we may have to push things back a bit.  I'm hoping that either my old bank or J&DC's bank will help us out.

I had so many thoughts running through my head this morning that I wanted to get typed or written somewhere.  And yet now they are as the topic...  fleeting.  Thoughts about my Aunt, the house, friends, and the future.  I know they were up there this morning.  Now it's just emptiness.  A void.  Back to slogging through the day as I often do.  Running on autopilot.

One of these days that will start to upset me.
Tags: eileen dolittle, hiro and the family sponge, tagged and returned to the wild
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