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The Origin of the Gaming.

Last weekend was a rather fun and eventful weekend.

Wednesday night, sgtrocknroll and I drove to sunny Columbus, OH for the 32nd Annual Origins gaming show.  As we're cruising around in the backroads of Columbus, (looking for his favorite burrito house) we have a Pontiac Bonneville make a left-hand turn in front of us.  Thankfully, the Blues Brothers 2000 soundtrack was blaring on the radio, so the good Sgt. was able to channel Elwood Blues and avoid a rather nasty accident.  My opinion of his driving skill went up a notch or two.  (Of course, since said soundtrack was on, he was most likely doing 38 in a 25...)

Thursday, woke up bright and early for a rather enjoyable Hero/Champions game.  Obviously influenced by watching too much X-Men, it was a good game with interesting characters, though I got stuck with a character I wasn't really sure what to do with.  (Didn't want to be a Super.)  Unfortunately, the Hero game I joined later in the day was not so fun.  While the GM did what he could with what he had (two players), it was obvious that he's long on good ideas, but short on actually dealing with players.  I felt bad that it didn't go better for him.

Then Kobolds attacked.  They Ate My Baby. (tm)

And on Friday Night, I got to Mayor at the Midinght Kobold Massacre.  Much fun was had, and I got a free copy of the book for bailing them out of a sticky situation.  I just wish I had run a better game.

The only other thing of any event that week was heckling Allen Smithee, and forgetting my 'con shirt on a table in the food court, and not realizing it until we hit Lodi.
Tags: 4-wheels-4-doors-2-payments, caverns and crabgrass, playing a different role, playing pretend for fun and profit, tagged and returned to the wild
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