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The Amazing Working of Doom, or something.

This week with the Mac at work has been interesting, to say the least. iAlertU went off twice just because I bumped my desk slightly (Have to play around with the sensitivity on that, some.) I've moved all my personal garbage over to the Mac, (Sounds, movie clips, IM, logs, eMail.) and the only thing I really need to have the Mac working the way I want it is Ogg Vorbis support in iTunes. (Ripping and management/playback.)

In other news, I plan on taking the next day I have free (Yeah, right) and testing recording direct to the MacBook from the camcorder, and seeing if the option exists in iMovie for multiple audio tracks from two different inputs plus the video all at once.

I will most likely be doing something sometime, if I ever find the time.

Oh, and on a note from drd2be, if any of you sign up for or switch to Verizon, I will personally hunt you down and beat you for supporting an evil, evil corporation. If you don't know what I'm talking about, do a search for "Verizon" and "Razr", and see what she's been going through.
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