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Towel Day Recap

Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blasters have an interesting taste to them, to say the least.  Then again, our beautiful and wonderful bartender (drd2be) added extra OJ to make them more of a screwdriver-strength drink than the recipie's highball martini-style drink.  I'm reserving overall judgement on the taste, given that drd2be, scarred2112, and troisbalances all liked them, as did A.D.A.M.

The movie is still funny.  A.D.A.M. yelling out, "Sing Along" as I was browsing the special features made for an interesting evening, and my sister enjoyed an evening away from home before her last final today.

Then while heading up to Annabell's to confirm some things for tonight's show, I ended up following Akron Yellow Cab's car # 42 for a good distance.

I love Towel Day.
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