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Lotsa stuff happened when I went out of town last weekend. I need to start letting people know when I go out of town so they can put their lives on hold. That way I can deal with crises as they come up instead of all at once.... *sighs*

Meanwhile, now that M has left the country, I'm sitting here lonely again. And, unsurprisingly, when I got back I told the elf I was down south, and her response was "Who were you doing down there?". And for the next three minutes I felt like a complete heel. This is starting to get rediculous. She's a good friend, I love her dearly, but I owe her no loyalty when it comes to who and when I date. We broke up four years ago this month. That's where any say beyond advice that she had about my life ended. Why can't I get this through my thick skull? I guess it could be worse. Though, in all honesty, it's really crimping my ability to find someone new. I pretty much have to find someone new who makes me forget about that when she's not around as much as when she's around, or get back with the elf. The latter is apparently not an option. (Given four years of trying, and four years of no movement in that direction.)

I should probably update my paid status on here... I enjoy this and it sounds like they could use the money. Now if only I had the money to do so...
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