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The Joys of being Tech Savvy.

After a good but ultimately futile attempt, our plant Electrician / EPA Manager / Calibration Manager / etc. gave up on making a scale drawing of the plant using the drawing tools in Excel.  His drawing is definitely usable, but the EPA demands it be to scale.  So I'm given the task and figure out why his numbers were so far off when checking for scale...

His ratios were close, and I really am astounded at how many things around here are "the wrong tool for the job," yet pulled off with aplomb.  I've seen massive photo manipulation done in MS Paint.  I've seen the entire business records kept in Excel files that should've collapsed under their own weight years ago.  Invoicing is still all done mostly by hand through an Excel template, as is pricing, inventory, order tracking, etc.

It's like Julian Bashir, but in IT and not so far away from civilization.  And with less blood, broken bones, and medical problems.

Okay, so it's not like Dr. Bashir at all.  Sue me.
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