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I give up...

What more is there to say?

M had to cancel... too much packing and too little time. I won't see her before she leaves for the land of the Maple Leaf, though I might get a phone call or two before she leaves. I was really hoping for one more evening of hanging out before she left.

Apparently, according to her older sister, Wonderful hasn't gotten back to me partially because she's been out of town a lot. Apparently things are going well with her and Mr. Millitary. Good for them. It would have been nice to add another semi-sane person to my circle of friends, though.

And that leaves the elf. She's still semi-indignant over me "having someone else" (Proverbially, not exact quote) and her being single. I hope when she reads this it gives her some comfort that I'm not doing as well as I appeared to be.

Where does this leave me? Well, I can't say goodbye to M, Wonderful is happy with the relationship she rekindled between us setting up our date and actually having said date, and the elf is being the elf. I think I'm going to go to bed and hide.
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