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Working Designs, Dead at 20

It's a sad day for all of Consoledom, as one of the premier localization and publishing houses, Working Designs, announced that it is no more.  (55 days ago, thanks for letting me know, people!)

Widely and broadly known for taking Japanese RPGs and Platformer/Shooter games and making them go to 11, (because when the rest of the industry only goes to 10, where else is there to go?)  They were the pioneers of "Deluxe Packaging", including faux leather-bound manuals, soundtracks, and even pocket watches with their games, with little increase in the cost of the game.  (What's $20 for a soundtrack CD, a Making Of movie, a leather-bound manual, and a cloth map of the game world?)   And their ability to turn a line that directly translates to "Beer?  I thought you said pickle!" into "Who do I look like, Bill Clinton?" is unparalleled.  (Probably because everyone else is afraid of the purist fanboys.  Meh.)

Mr. Ireland, Mr. Meston, Mr. Zyrdko, and every other Mr. and Ms. whose name eludes me (I've never been one for reading credits...), your games have helped shape this person, and given me many fond memories.  My "Me" weekend next week will be stuffed as full as I can with your wonderful games and translations.  Even if I have to overhaul my SegaCD myself to get some Popful time in.
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