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The weekend of DOOM, -or- How I watched the Bowl and what I ate while I watched it.

Friday night I spent the evening over at ursilly 's house.  Much fun was had, much queso was consumed.

Venn Diagram are rather good Instrumental Prog band.  If you like proggy jam-stuff, definitely check them out.  I got to do so on Saturday night.  Very tight, well composed, and just enough false-stops to keep you on your toes.  Plus it doesn't hurt that the guitarist is a good friend of a good friend.

Which brings us to Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday.

Double-Velveeta-Brick of Chili con Queso.  YUM.  (Remind me for next time, though, that it's not THAT popular with the D&D group.  Almost 50% of it was unused...)

However, at the end of the game a point of contention came up, and I'm not really sure what to make of it...  I personally feel that kneeling to run the clock out is a move of cowardice, and the first team to send someone diving in to try and force a fumble (whether a score would change the outcome or just narrow the margin) wins my eternal respect.  GP(GM), however, feels that doing so is unsportsmanlike, and that the defense is just taking their loss like men instead of beating on the offensive line.  While I can see how it could be unsportsmanlike, I don't see how, "Well, if we run or pass we could lose the ball and they could score, so we'll just use a loophole to run the clock out instead," is any more sportsmanlike.

My suggested new rule that would satisfy me?

QB taking a knee after the 2-minute warning (either half) is an automatic change of posession.

Yeah, you can hand it off to the running back, and have him just splay out on the ground and wait for the defense to touch him, but at least there's a sporting chance that someone could get through the line and force a fumble, catch the lateral, or (if field position is right) score a Safety.

But until that point, I'm still waiting for the day that a defense says, "No, we aren't going to sit around while the clock runs out" and at least TRIES.

On a completely unrelated point, I just referred to Steak 'n Shake as Stake 'n Shake.  I spent far too much of my life playing LARP.
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