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So I'm sitting around the gaming table, it's a Sunday, and everyone showed up.

I say, "Well, I was a town guard in the area for a few years, even without Survival I should have some chance of tracking them down..."

And roll a dead-stop, bold as day "1".

The rest of the players all groan and hold their heads (With the exception of GP who is squinting his eyes and pumping his fist up and down in a "YES" type gesture as he is wont to do when irony and/or incongruity pops in the game.) and GR(DM) and I look at each other and sing in tandem:

"Ain't no bonus high enough/
Ain't no target low enough~~"

Then I realize that I'm standing in the shower and the time for dreaming is over and stop.
Tags: caverns and crabgrass, lyrically insane, playing a different role
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